Canadian Sculptures' Society

Lilly Otasevic

Artist Statement
The circle, in its seemingly endless form, can represent personal and universal thought, emotional and human spirituality. It also represents life, energy and implies possibilities of the erotic. The disk in metaphysical terms is used in endless ways by many faiths to express spiritual ideals. So powerful is this symbol to humans, that our ancient cultures often used circular symbols to represent heaven.

Overlapping layers of copper and aluminum comprise many of my works. I emphasize different textures on the metal surfaces by the use of copper wire and implementations. These formal qualities reflect inner emotional vibrations, centripetal and centrifugal waves and motions - all related to the powerfully rich symbol of the circle.

1987-92 BFA, Belgrade Academy of Fine Art, Yugoslavia
1985-87 Belgrade School of Industrial Design, Yugoslavia

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Atomic, Kabat Wrobel Gallery, Toronto
2003 The Burston Gallery, Toronto

Two-Person Exhibition
2004 FLUX, The Burston Gallery, Toronto

Selected Group
2007 Sculpture Mix IX, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2006 Gallery 1313, Toronto
2006 Small Works, Canadian Sculpture Centre
2005 Thought Mass, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
2005 Asian Nuances, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2004 Ex Pluribus Unum, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
2004 More 3D-Tales, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2004 Startford Festival of Canada, Stratford
2004 A Fine Balance, Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto
2004 Five Artists Choice, Praxis Gallery, Toronto



Media: Aluminum, copper, acrylic

SSC Member Since: 2004